One Contact One Team

Frontier believes one point of contact plays an important role in communicating and understanding our client's needs. It is important to have the knowledge of your business combined with understanding how tariff classification affects your product. By having one point of contact, we work to ensure releases quickly and that the proper tariff is applied properly.

Customs Clearance

A centralized release team ensures 24/7 clearance at any customs port of entry. We have a team of professionals ready to assist whether you are a one-time goods importer to being a high volume goods importer. We provide clearances for all modes of transport, and also offer Trans-Border services.

Customs Self-Assessment

The CSA is a pre-approval commercial program that simplifies the import requirements for low-risk shipments. Linking your business system with CBSA and joining the CSA program allows your business to eliminate individual customs clearance, avoid filing amending entries, and reduces keystrokes for your customs broker which will provide significant cost-savings for your business.

PARS Tracker

Get up to date information on the release status of your goods.

Non-Resident Importer

If you are a US or other foreign business looking to improve sales in Canada you will want to look into the Non-Resident Importer (NRI) program. NRI allows your firm the same advantages as Canadian importers without having physical facilities in Canada. This reduces your supply chain expenses and gives you a sales advantage.

Accounts Receivable Ledger

ARL is a revenue management program by the CBSA to manage assessment and collection of revenue from Canadian importers. Effectively immediately, CBSA implemented changes to monthly payments and reconciliation of importer's accounts.


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