Trade Management Services

Our team implements a strategy through set programs focusing on proactive compliance with customs rules. This strategy will focus on Classification, Free Trade Agreements, Valuation, and proper reporting to customs.

Frontier Drive

A file storage site accessible to only you for your Trade Compliance file storage. NAFTA Certificates and other Trade Compliance data will be stored on this secure site.


Correct Tariff classification is a key area of any compliance program. Accurate tariff is essential to for trade data used by customs and is a constant target. We work to prepare the proper tariff classification and detail the logic to calculate the tariff. Our professionals will assist in obtaining rulings in ensuring the proper tariff is issued.

Free Trade Agreements

Free Trade Agreements are more prevalent throughout the world. Our team can work to help you qualify for preferred duty rates worldwide. We will work with your suppliers ensuring that a valid Certificate of Origin is prepared, and supply you with it to calculate your free trade use.


The best way to experience a customs audit is to be prepared for a customs audit. Frontier will assist you in preparing for a customs audit. If you are selected for a customs audit, our experts can assist you in providing customs the mandatory data while limiting your exposure.

CSA & Supply Chain Security

Your supply chain needs to be secure and resilient. Frontier will share our knowledge to help you deliver excellence across your supply chain. Frontier offers a wide range of services specifically to help you manage the process of customs self-assessment (CSA).


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