Freight & Courier Services

Frontier’s Manitoba Freight and Courier Service, which is owned and operated within the province, is an experienced, trusted leader in deliveries throughout Southern Manitoba. Whether you are looking to expand your transportation and logistics services within North America or simply move shipments such as parcels, pallets, oversized freights or truckloads across the province, Frontiers expertise will ensure both your customers and your bottom line are satisfied. 

Same Day Delivery

For greater convenience, we offer same day pickup and delivery in multiple Manitoba locations. Manitoba Freight and Courier services pride themselves on same-day and next-day delivery options as they carry the largest amount of goods between Winnipeg and rural Manitoba on a daily basis. With a variety of delivery vehicles, Frontier is capable of moving any shipment from parcels to full truckloads.

Delivery Zones

  • Winnipeg
  • Winkler
  • Brandon
  • Portage la Prairie
  • Steinbach
  • Russell


This online application gives all of Frontiers clients the opportunity to create orders including mail, parcel and LTL shipments across North America. Receive accurate and instant shipping rates, real time order tracking from origin to destination and automatically generated shipping labels for convenience peace of mind.  

Automated Invoices

Frontier's Automated Invoice system is the most reliable way to receive and review all your payables and shipment data. Invoices and important data will be communicated on a daily to monthly schedule containing information on the shipment, the Probill, and reference numbers. This ecofriendly option saves on paper, data entry and eliminates the delay of mailing and receiving hard copies. 

Integrated Services

Our extensive expertise in transportation knowledge is trusted and relied on by clients in various industries. We can help you expand your local business as we provide a complete offering of transportation and logistics services throughout North America. At Frontier, we always strive to provide responsive and reliable services to our clients.


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