North American Transborder

Whether you are a U.S. business looking to access the Canadian market or a Canadian-based business fulfilling into the United States, Frontiers cross border consolidation solution will give you fast, affordable access to your customers, save you money and grow your business. Frontier simplifies customs clearance by channeling a single integrated provider. With connections all over U.S. and Canada, Frontier guarantees fast delivery and access to every postal code in Canada. 


With a wide variety of shipment options, Frontier is able to adapt to any request to suit your shipment needs. Frontier offers a variety of services such as basic parcel deliveries, shipments of oversized packages, high volume freight, multi-modal deliveries, customizable consolidation, and zone skipping opportunities, clients can be confident that their goods are always in the best hands.


This online application gives all of Frontiers clients the opportunity to create orders including, parcel and LTL shipments across North America. Receive accurate and instant shipping rates, real time order tracking from origin to destination and automatically generated shipping labels for convenience and peace of mind.  


A global Internet presence is a necessity for small to moderate sized companies who are interested in expanding the distribution of their products to Canada. Frontier offers competitive warehouse storage and distribution rates to ensure that your customers are receiving their favourite products in the best condition on the tightest schedule from Chicago, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto. 

Consolidation & Distribution

Frontier has the ability to consolidate shipments from a foreign country to save on transport costs and custom clearance fees. Distributing the shipment from the destination country allows clients to take advantage of domestic pricing and ensures the most cost effective routes. Our technology solutions designed for importers and exporters help you track your documents and your goods as they cross the border.

Integrated Services

Frontier prides themselves on providing clients with the ability to choose personalized Total Distribution solutions that keep them ahead of the game and on budget. Reliable transportation, secure warehouses and a frequently updated, transparent inventory management system make Frontier the first choice in North American Distribution. 


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