Ocean Freight Forwarding

Frontiers knowledge and experience in the international transportation of FCL’s and LCL’s, combined with unique integrated data systems and single point contact of communication methods will help you grow and advance your business. Your firm can be confident that Frontier will provide custom made logistic solutions and competitive ocean freight rates that are designed for efficient and secure transportation of all your goods.

Air Freight Forwarding

Simplify your supply chain and maximize transit flexibility with a cost effective one-step customs access and direct fulfillment program that will guarantee your business the best rates. Take advantage of our prompt, affordable international air freight solutions for urgent shipments and just in time deliveries. 


Frontier will assist in the delivery of your goods on a global scale with our extensive network of ocean and air carriers and our in-house export professionals. All International export options including Ocean transportation intermediary (OTI) services, are performed by licensee Frontier North America Inc. and supported by professional documentation, freight insurance, and international compliance.


The global commerce “industry” relies on export compliance to transport their products, however export violations will lead to increasingly high fines that threaten a companies bottom line. Collaborating with an experienced third party logistics provider (3PL) will lower the risk of security concerns, inaccurate documentation and outdated certification ensuring that your firm is receiving the best freight and handling costs, abiding by national regulations and committing to punctual shipment schedules.

Web Tracker

Web Tracker provides Frontier’s customers with the most reliable and up to date information on all their shipments and orders. Designed with hectic schedules in mind, Web Tracker is equipped with user-friendly components to assist with every inquiry.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance will protect your goods at every stage of the shipment process from warehouse storage to transportation methods ensuring that your firm is not held liable for physical loss or damage. Frontier offers personalized insurance that includes enhanced clauses to protect 100% of your transit exposure with prompt and efficient claim settlements.


To learn more about US Freight Forwarding contact questions@frontierscs.com today!