Managing your inventory levels and keeping your customers' happy means knowing where your freight is all the time. That’s why Frontier’s innovative labeling and tracking systems were designed to combine simple to use shipment tracking with real-time updates from the first touch to the final delivery.

Track your goods from the moment you place the order; with live updates to product location, customs status, and estimated delivery times, to provide better visibility and peace of mind to you and your customers.



  • Better Visibility from Factory Floor to Customer’s Door- Frontier’s barcoded labels are printed at your facilities and scanned at every step of the supply chain, so you always know where your freight is.
  • Simple to Use- Our simple to use tracking program allows you and your customers to track your goods off any reference number associated with your shipment.
  • International transparency- Customs data for your international shipments is captured in our barcodes, providing up to date information on the customs status of your goods.
  • Automatic Notifications and Updates- Our Frontier technology integrates with your shipping platform to automatically notify your customers by email of outgoing shipments and provides one-click tracking links that are always up to date.

For more information on Frontiers tracking technology, or to speak with a representative, contact or call 1-877-704-3727.