WEBship is Frontier's free shipping application, is available to all clients,  and provides access to all of our services including mail, parcel, and LTL shipments into both Canada and the United States.


WEBship Rating

To streamline your shipping process, WEBship rating uses simplified rates to provide you with an accurate and instant shipping rate from parcels and truck freight. Rates are based on price per pound in correspondence with each delivery location. Use the “Rates” page by entering all applicable information for a detailed rate quote.

WEBship Tracking

WEBship tracking provides visibility into your shipment's status from origin to destination, giving you a peace of mind. WEBship provides real-time order tracking, go to the Track page to get the latest update on your package as it progresses. Tracking helps you stay informed of your order status every step of the way, and also provide a history of your shipping activities. Shipment filtering allows for quick navigation through all existing shipments. After clicking on the desired pro bill, a Track shipment screen will appear with more details. A signature as a proof of delivery will be displayed whenever applicable.

Online tracking is beneficial as all shipment history will be maintained in your account, and can be retrieved easily. Tracking will provide you with detailed information on each shipment such as shipping status, shipper, receiver, and signature of the consignee if applicable when the shipment is delivered. The auto signature serves as a better tracking mechanism, as it is fast, gives you immediate visibility, stored in your secure account, and can be retrieved on the go. By tracking online, you eliminate the use of physical waybills and benefit from data security, and faster access. We continue to shift towards a paperless environment as new technology becomes available to improve data storage and electronic communication.

WEBship Orders

Your company’s information will be secure as insured by a secure user login and password. WEBship orders allow you to place as many orders required and it will transmit directly to our dispatchers for pick-ups and deliveries. Entering Orders is a simple process of selecting your consignee, the pieces, weight, and dimensions. A unique reference field allows you to enter any reference number as desired. Once you add the applicable information, the system will calculate the freight rate. After you verify the information, simply hit submit "order". Print out the automatically generated shipping label and attach to the shipment. The data will be delivered to our dispatches, and our driver will pick up the freight from the shipper’s door.

  • No Install Necessary: The online WEBship application requires no software or set up and is compatible with most web browsers
  • Simple Scan Labeling System: WEBship automatically prints bar-coded labels that make it easy to track your freight through Frontier’s network, providing improved visibility.
  • Intuitive Interface: The WEBship interface has simple menus, clear processes, and enhanced notifications to promote a faster workflow.
  • Accurate Rating: The WEBship system allows you to generate quotes and accurate rates on the spot, so you know how much your freight will cost, before it’s delivered.
  • Smart Saves and Order Recovery: webShip saves all your orders as you go, so orders can be processed throughout the week, instead of one session.
  • Full Featured Application: All tracking, quoting, and booking is handled by a single application, making it easier for you to manage all facets of your shipping process.


To learn more about how WEBship can work for your business, contact us toll-free at: 

1 (877) 704-3727 today.