Selling to the US has never been easier. With our Frontier US Ship service, your business gains the benefit of overnight delivery into Chicago, consolidated shipments, an integrated customs process and a high degree of visibility with our tracking service. We have competitively priced this service and are still offering the amazing service our customers have come to expect.

The Process

Frontier will be doing pickups throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan and then consolidating the goods in our Winnipeg warehouse. We will then be going overnight from Winnipeg to Chicago. Goods will be sorted at our Chicago warehouse and then sent out for final delivery. 


Consolidation of Goods - To improve transit time, and offer reduced rates we take your consolidate goods and deliver them into the US.

Reduced Transit Times - Our overnight delivery provides the fastest delivery for customers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan to the US Mid-West.

Simplified Customs - We simplify the fulfillment process by integrating your customs and logistics processes to create a highly efficient system.

Improved Viability - We improve visibility with our online tracking technology, scanning your freight at every stop and providing updates.

Section 321

Importing into the United States has become easier since the introducing of Section 321.

Section 321 is the law regarding the maximum dollar amount that can be imported into the United States duty and tax-free. The current maximum is $800.00 USD. Clearing goods with minor paperwork and no duty or taxes will result in a more cost-effective and efficient process.


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