Our International Ocean and Air Freight solutions give you access to a smarter, simpler supply chain through our direct distribution program. 

Our reliable low cost International Freight Forwarding ocean service provides access to all of North America, allowing you to ship strategically into both Canada and the United States directly from your international suppliers.

We also offer fast, affordable international air freight solutions for urgent shipments and just in time delivery. We can combine your airfreight with our one-step customs access and direct fulfillment program to provide your business with an extremely fast and affordable supply chain that eliminates all inventories.

Here’s how: 

We will reduce costs with LCL, import, export and buyer consolidations.
We will fulfill quickly with affordable international air shipments.
We have no volume restrictions and ship directly to Canada and the US to fulfill across North America more efficiently.
We scale as your business grows and provide competitive consolidation and container load rates.
We streamline all customs processing to improve transparency and delivery times.
We offer you complete access to our Fulfillment by Frontier and Direct Delivery programs, allowing you to rethink the way you distribute.

Frontiers Ocean and Air freight services represent the first step to creating a fast, fluid supply chain that reacts to your business’s needs.

Combining Ocean and Air services with our International Customs Brokerage, North American Fulfillment, and Local Distribution programs can help you create a turn-key supply chain that simplifies you fulfillment across North America.